Saturday, December 30, 2017

Killarney In December

The pee wees they are calling in the park beside the bay
And white butterflies dancing in the breeze in the bright sunlight of day
Killarney in December by the Pacific shore
On almost perfect weather in life who could ask for more
In their car on the high park overlooking the sea
An old pair eating cream buns and sipping from their cups of tea
Enjoying the pleasant weather and the ocean scenery
In a place of natural beauty and of pollution free
On an evening in Killarney three sleeps from Christmas Day
From this place of peace and beauty utopia cannot be far away
The warbling notes of the magpies always a joy to hear
And the familiar songs of the blackbirds melodious and clear
And the silver gulls are mewing above the park by the bay
In Killarney in Victoria three sleeps from Christmas Day.

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