Friday, December 29, 2017

The Surviving Members Of Australia's Stolen Generation

The Surviving members of Australia's stolen generation are showing the wear of time today
Taken from parents who loved them as children they have known of life in the hardest way
The Australian Government to them has said sorry but sorry hardly good enough
To people taken from their families and tribes as children life on them has been made so tough
Placed in foster homes as very young children because of their birth circumstance
Robbed of a biological family and tribal upbringing at corroborees never to dance
Sorry will never repay them and bring back to them their lost childhood years
All they have left are the regrets of what they missed out on in tears
The first people of this great Land of Australia have never been treated that well
Of dispossession and discrimination they have the saddest stories of for to tell
To people as children wrongfully taken from their parents sorry seems so easy to say
Many of their ancestors victims of massacres for being Australia's first people such a price they did pay
The surviving members of Australia's stolen generation they have been treated so wrong
As children taken from their loving parents and the tribes that to they did belong.

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