Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Through The Eyes Of A Self Admirer

Though an oldie going on eighty taking selfies every day
That self admiration is not ageist only does seem true to say
Self images she does not like from her smart phone she delete
She is only one of many enamoured in self conceit
Such things every day i notice what then does this say of me
Am i too just a self admirer this is how it seems to be
Though not one into taking selfies self conceited just the same
Too much love of self as is said for it has another name
Of the self conceited and narcissistic the numbers are on the rise
But what we do dislike in others is in ourselves i do realize
Perhaps i too am too judgmental since some things i cannot ignore
But in this i am just one of many like me there are many more
With her smart phone she takes selfies love of self in her is strong
In her mind she is a beauty and in her truth she cannot be wrong.

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