Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kill That 'A Rhyme Of Human Intransigence'

Kill that insect kill that wasp kill that spider and kill that bee
To us humans they pose some danger and they might bite and harm me
Kill that mozzie kill that blowfly kill that rat and kill that mouse
These are diseases carrying critters who dare to invade our house
Kill that snake and kill that scorpion and kill that treacherous crocodile
On the river bank big and sleepy looking but it has death in it's smile
Kill that shark a human eater few it bites on does survive
The only good shark is a dead one they are too dangerous alive
Kill that fox and kill that rabbit shoot to death the kangaroos
And since they eat the flower buds on our fruit trees kill the noisy cockatoos
Try to kill every living creature who with us does not live in peace
All creatures that can harm us physically or financially death for their kind a release
Kill that lion and kill that tiger and kill the dangerous polar bear
It does not give them the right to harm us though in numbers they are rare.

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