Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Man From Duhallow

His long hair silver gray that was dark as the wing of a crow
When he lived in the place where the Blackwater flow
In green old Duhallow north and far away
From where he is living and ageing today
One who does not have children or never had a wife
Though he has had a few female lovers in his life
He is now on his own and showing the wear of time
Over forty years past his physical prime
A man who has driven on many a rough track
For to shear in the shearing sheds of the outback
Of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
The man from Duhallow is ageing far south
As well as shearing he has worked on city building sites and many a pipeline crew
Of occupations he has had quite a few
One can say he is one who has been there and done that
He has shorn sheep in Queensland and worked on pipeline crews in Ararat
On his travels in the big country up and down
He has drunk in pubs in many a town
Perhaps he will not see the Blackwater swollen by heavy rain
In fields of Duhallow flowing bank high again
Since more likely than not his last remains will lay
Far south of where he first looked on the lamp of day.

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