Friday, December 29, 2017

I Only Retain The Mental Images

I only retain the mental images of the beauty i have seen
When bluebells, snowdrops and primroses bloomed on the ditches of every bohreen
In Spring in view of far away mountains that i only now can visualize
Though far south of the place i was raised in i may witness my last sunrise

So few with the wanderlust in them in their first home ever do stay
They even depart their homeland shores to wander in Lands far away
I may never again see old Ireland and Hibernia's wild rocky shore
Or climb again on the steep fields that lead up to high Claramore

In the home of emu, echidna, koala, wallaby, little raven and gray kangaroo
And magpie and white long billed corella and dark brown yellow tailed black cockatoo
Of Nature there is so much to know of and new things to learn every day
In the book of life so many lessons as the wise have been known for to say

From the fields of the fox and the badger and the waterways of the brown trout
The yearn for the wander did take me to this big sunny Land of the south
The past from us all gone forever memories of it we only retain
Though sometimes on my flights of fancy i go to my first home again.

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