Thursday, December 21, 2017

Randy Old Fred

For his years a randy fellow the grayhaired old bloke known as Fred
Women that he has made love to say that he is real good in bed
Some men virile in their seventies more so than men half of their age
Fred though quite a womanizer is not one you would call a sage
In the pub with his mates he talks of his sexual liasions as to himself he drinks a toast
Fred does have quite a big ego of his sexual prowess he does boast
His younger pub mates look up to him see him as one to admire
They do find it quite amazing that for sex he has not lost his desire
I remember the words of a wise one going back in time many a day
A woman is as old as she looks and a man is old when he stops looking he used to say
His words does apply to gray haired Fred who with women does have a way
He satisfies many aging local divorcees and for his pleasure does not have to pay
Fred is a randy old fellow many women he has satisfied
And on his sexual prowess he is one who does take great pride.

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