Saturday, January 25, 2014

It Cannot Be Dan Carroll

You cannot be dead if your spirit is living the Tullig Dan Carroll i knew has his own claim to renown
One of if not the last to make the last horse drawn cart milk deliveries for the late Pat Cashman in Millstreet Town
That was back in the fifties to maybe the early sixties when lively little Dan was in his prime
But the passing of the Seasons on all telling and all of us become victims of time

But it cannot be the fellow known as 'No Go' whose last remains in St Mary's does lay
For men like him live on in the higher spirit though for the mortal body a last night and day
If there happens to be a life hereafter you will find Dan where characters do dwell
To be amongst the characters of the hereafter would surely suit a fellow like him well

It cannot be Dan Carroll the famed 'No Go' who passed away since this i know would surely be a lie
He was born to be a character and characters live on and in the living memory never die
Under the cold ground of St Mary's his mortals remains may forever lay
But he is drinking Guinness and making laughter for others in a World that from there is far away

The cold and the harsh winds of late January blow with a loud and a frosty chill
In the cemetery in Millstreet of St Mary's blowing from the mountains over Cashman's Hill
But you will not find Dan Carroll there he has migrated to a World miles beyond the sky
People like him are born with a good soul and as we know such souls have wings to fly.

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