Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Last I Saw Hannah Mary Daly

When last i saw Hannah Mary Daly Clara wore a hat of snow
And the cold winds of December across Inchaleigh did blow
As she stood beside her cottage gate how was i to know
That we were never to meet again near where Finnow waters flow

At the start of a cold Winter twenty seven years ago
It is true what is often said of time it becomes everybody's foe
I was never to see Hannah Mary as a living person again
But good memories of the good woman she was with me does remain

In St Mary's by Cashman's Hill her last remains do lay
And that she will be sadly missed from Inchaleigh only true to say
For everyone alive today there is a last farewell
And the living reminded of their mortality in the tolling of the funeral bell

When last i saw Hannah Mary a hat of snow on Clara Hill
And the harsh winds of December did blow with a cold chill
Across Inchaleigh and the Finnow bank high in brown flood went rushing down
Towards the Blackwater in the rushy fields just west of Millstreet Town.

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