Monday, January 20, 2014

Only Two Duhallow Dogs

Peader's Prize trained in Kanturk By James Manley and Pats Newdown owned and trained by Dan Halloran of  Knocknagree
Remain as the only Duhallow dogs to claim outright victory
In the North Cork Cup in the Town Park in Millstreet Town
I was there on the days that they raced to renown
This is going back in time some three decades ago
And time as we know becomes everyone's foe
Only one Duhallow bitch owned and trained by father and daughter Teddy and Chloe Collins has reached the North Cup Final since then
In coursing all aged cups are always very hard for to win
Since Peader's Prize and Pat's Newdown time many coursing Seasons  have come and gone
And park coursing in Ireland it is living on
Nowadays the coursing dogs are muzzled a change for the better it does seem
Though coursing remains as a classified blood sport and by many not held in high esteem
And only two Duhallow coursing dogs the North Cork Cup have won
Like all things in life it is never easy for to win when all is said and done.

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