Sunday, January 19, 2014

Peggie Horgan

She was such a lovely woman one who did lead a good life
A good mother to her children and to Jerry Horgan a good wife
Sad to learn that Peggie Horgan from life has passed away
In St Mary's in Millstreet her last remains does lay
Gone from old Ballydaly another well loved face
One can truly say of Peggie she was a credit to the place
And though in the flesh in Duhallow never to be seen again
In all in Ballydaly good memories of her will remain
One who will be missed by many for she did have many a friend
But life it is a journey that for all of us must end
From Ballydaly she often cycled to and back from Millstreet Town
In the days when she was younger when her wavy hair was dark brown
She was such a lovely woman and in truth one has to say
That Ballydaly for her passing is a poorer place today.

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