Tuesday, January 5, 2016

John Healy

From Aubane in view of Mushera he had flaming red hair
As a young man John Healy was unburdened by care
For years he lived with his family in Macroom in Barrett's Place
Where his to many was quite a well known face

When last i saw John Healy near fifty years ago
He was in his prime then time had not become his foe
On a Sunday evening in mid Autumn in the Town of Millstreet
I little thought then him i would never more meet

In Mushera valley one not destined to stay
As a young man from Aubane he did move away
He went to see life in the big World out there
From his first home-place he would grow old elsewhere

To say life is always easy would be to pretend
One can only hope he did not suffer at his journey's end
Perhaps in his early to mid seventies he was not young or old
And the story of his life deserves to be told

By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's in Millstreet his last remains lay
For all of us there will come a final day
Perhaps in his flaming red hair there was gray
For youth is a thing with us that does not stay.

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  1. Thank you Francis Duggan for your generosity of spirit and your kind words about my father. This beautiful poem is a very welcome gift for all of us. Jacqueline.