Friday, January 15, 2016

Mary McCarthy

I knew her as Mary Twohig before she became Donal McCarthy's wife
And so sad for to learn that she has lost her gift of life
She went to live in Kilcummin near Killarney many miles from Annagloor near Millstreet
And her i was never again for to meet

A grandmother she died in her early to mid sixties which does not seem old
In her young years with dark hair one lovely to behold
A down to earth person untainted by guile
She always did have such a beautiful smile

Good memories of the past are all that one does have to retain
Her great loss to Annagloor became Kilcummin's gain
She was in her prime some four decades ago
But time that rusts iron becomes everyone's foe

A beautiful person i had not seen for years
Her passing from life would not have gone without tears
Her family and friends left to grieve for her loss
In life as is said there is many a cross

The great gift of life from her may have gone
But in all who knew Mary good memories of her will live on
She lived as a good person kind in her own way
The Human World in need of many more like her in truth one can say

The cold wind of January in Millstreet blow down from Cashman's Hill
Above St Mary's Cemetery where the heart of Mary McCarthy is forever still
And though in the flesh never for to be seen again
In all who knew her good memories of her will remain.

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