Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sean Radley Of Millstreet

Sean Radley of Millstreet is in the Irish Broadcasting Hall Of Fame
Such a humble man for one of a great name
For at least four decades the Voice of Millstreet
Yet none could ever accuse him of conceit

Though one very famous beyond Millstreet Town
Sean Radley never gets carried away with his renown
One who has done so much for his Hometown of Millstreet
Yet as amiable a person as one could wish for to meet

So nice to see him recognized for his talents on such a way
He is one of others who never has unkind things to say
In his words he never puts down anyone
His late mother and father in him raised a good son

That he has received such an award does not come as a surprise
Since for their talents others in a public way he does recognize
And though beyond the Town in view of Clara he is Worldwide known
Sean Radley will always be of Millstreet's own

Those who are kind to others good things in return do receive
On such a life philosophy one has to believe
Sean Radley to his higher self ever true
And this latest award is only his due.

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