Monday, January 1, 2018

From The Mistakes

From the mistakes of our ancestral leaders wisdom we ought to gain
But our present political leaders the mistakes of the past keep repeating again
More wars are declared and more people needlessly die
The only thing our political leaders have learned from the past is to know how better how to lie
And one lie leads to another as the wise one does say
And our politicians to us tell more lies every day
They tell us who our allies are and who we should trust
And try to portray themselves as the honorable and just
Any opportunity to tarnish those they refer to as their enemies they do not fail to seize
And more wars in the World mean more refugees
In boats seeking refuge that our government from our shores turn away
Though our government helped to make them stateless which seems sad to say
Every day of more wars we do hear of and read
And like lies one war to another and then to another does lead.

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