Monday, January 7, 2013

Martin Cleary

Martin Cleary a former Sacristan in Millstreet so sad to learn that he has passed away
A family man and to his church devoted by Cashman's Hill at peace he now does lay
He will be sadly missed by his many friends in Millstreet and grieved by his large family and his wife
A good man the World was better for him living in it he did achieve so very much in life

Perhaps in his late fifties or very early sixties Compared to many his was not a lengthy time span
He did not live on to grow old and feeble and lose his gift of life as an old man
As a young man quite tall dark haired and handsome in his twenties when he was in his prime
Days come and go the Seasons pass so quickly we all do become the victims of time

Martin Cleary's life is a life worth celebrating to many people he was a good friend
He did a lot of good on his life's journey on that journey for us all destined to end
He did perform the corporal works of mercy the bright ray of goodness did shine in his mind
He did his best in life that is all one can do he had it in him to be good and kind

By Cashman's Hill he is at rest forever where many of the dead of Millstreet lay
The World was better for him living in it of him that does seem a fair thing to say
Martin Cleary is one who will not be forgotten though the great gift of life from him has gone
In all who knew him and who did know of him good memories of him surely will live on.

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