Thursday, January 17, 2013

Michael Looney

Michael Looney was a former Sacristan in Millstreet he left his Hometown many years ago
He went to earn his livelihood in Dublin where he had lived for forty years or so
In Millstreet Parish one who was missed by many he was a  really nice person to know
On his behalf it was a huge decision for him to leave his home in Minor Row

Perhaps it was to be  in his life's journey that he was destined to leave the Town by Clara Hill
On his visits to there he must have witnessed changes time as we know it never does stand still
There isn't any place that has not gone  through changes since change is known to visit everywhere
A lot of people Michael knew in Millstreet had gone to live in the big World out there

Michael Looney was a good and decent person for to help others he went out of his way
You would not find one  who knew him in Millstreet of him with an unkind word for to say
He was one  who was known and liked by many in him Millstreet's loss was surely Dublin's gain
One can only hope in dying he did not suffer since for many life's journey does end in pain

It must have  been his wish for to be buried in Millstreet since by Cashman's Hill his  last remains does lay
Our journey in life meant to have an ending for all of us a final night and day
He was not a very old man Michael Looney maybe a dozen years with the three score
In life he was a good and decent person and may he rest in peace forever more.

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