Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chrissie Mullane

As nice a person as one could wish for to meet
Chrissie of Drominahilla near the Town of Millstreet
For many years she lived at the Priests Cross in Millstreet as the late Pat Mullane's wife
It is so sad to learn that she has lost her gift of life

Though she is one who had outlived her physical prime
For her family and many friends this is such a sad time
She was kind and honorable in every way
And Millstreet all the poorer for her passing today

Since us humans are mortals why otherwise pretend
This life journey we are on for us all has to end
Each day for us to our last one day more near
And the farewell bell one the deceased never hear

It is not how long or short your life is but on how well you live
And Chrissie had so much love and kindness in her for to give
And those who willingly give can expect to receive
On such a philosophy for living life one can only believe

Sadly in the flesh never more to be seen at the Priests Cross
And her death to Millstreet must be counted as a loss
Above St Mary's in view of Cashman's Hill the January sky may be gray
But Chrissie is at peace in the earth where she lay.

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