Monday, January 1, 2018

From The Rock Of Ages

Overlooking the Town of Maldon and the wide brown countryside
From the rocks known as the Rock Of Ages one can see far and wide
Kilometers of wide brown country as far as the eyes can see
An unheralded wonder of Nature is how this does seem to be
This old brown and rugged country has inspired song, story and rhyme
It was old in long gone ages back there in the Dreaming Time
Where the first Australians lived and hunted going back cenuries ago
They had lived alone with Nature for sixty thousand years or so
Until people of the northern Countries came to this Land of the south
And the people of the Dreamtime to the newcomers lost out
And something of beauty lost forever time always brings change about
That time that rusts iron creates changes of this there is not any doubt
Above Maldon from the Rock Of Ages one can see brown country far and wide
Centuries ago from the ancient rocks Australia's first people viewed this countryside.

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