Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Amazing Dan O Donoghue

My memories of Dan O Donoghue the decades does span
One can say of him he remains quite a man
Though his physical best years behind him and he is wheelchair bound
By his photograph he remains strong looking and healthy and of mind rather sound

As a young man one who worked hard no job for him too tough
But i recall him as quite a good fellow one in his ways kind enough
One in life who has had his huge crosses to bear
For many years he has been in a wheelchair

As a breeder of coursing greyhounds nowadays his legend has grown
The likeable Dan to many in Ireland is well known
As the saying goes a good man cannot be kept down
Dan O Donoghue is a credit to old Millstreet Town

His life's tribulation a story to inspire
There is so much about him for one to admire
Many in his position would feel hope from their life had gone
But this amazing fellow remains in good spirits and keeps on keeping on

The great love of life he always had he does retain
And his indomitable spirit with him does remain
The tough challenges life has given him with bravery he does meet
This man among men in the Town of Millstreet.

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