Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Nora O' Keeffe

Such sad news out of Millstreet on New Year's Day
Con O' Keeffe's wife Nora from life has passed away
A mother and grandmother she had lived in Millstreet for quite a while
She was a beautiful person with a beautiful smile
Well loved by those who had known her for many years
And she was well worthy of being farewelled in tears
One who in her life had made many a friend
And so sad to learn her journey has come to an end
From life's cares for us all there will come a release
In St Mary's by Cashman's Hill she now is at peace
So kind and compassionate and free of conceit and guile
She will be remembered for her beautiful smile
Of people like she was humanity of more in need
As she was a very good person indeed.

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