Thursday, June 21, 2018

Birds I See Every Day

Magpies and red wattlebirds i often see
As well as magpie larks also known as pee wee
The introduced goldfinches, blackbirds, starlings and sparrows are familiar to me
As creatures of Nature they live wild and free
Birds that nest on trees and find their food on the ground
Near where i live straw necked and white ibis and white faced herons in numbers abound
Willy wagtails, blue wrens and new holland honeyeaters to parks and gardens belong
Once seen and once heard one could never again get them wrong
In winter cattle egrets are birds i see every day
From the grazing herds of cattle they are never far away
The large ruminants as they graze flush small life forms with their feet
Frogs and grasshoppers to the taste buds of the egrets are sweet
Swamphens, moorhens, coots, gulls, wild duck and great egrets, grebes and cormorants from water never far away
These are just some of the birds i do see every day
As well as long billed corellas, swans, pelicans, rosellas, black cockatoo and tiny thornbill
And emus the big flightless birds of Tower Hill.

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