Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Have You Ever Asked Yourself

Have you ever asked yourself what life is about
And on the existence of an afterlife in your thoughts cast some doubt
You are not alone in thinking this way
Not everyone has a god to for to pray

What life is about ask one other than me
I only believe on the things i do see
Any deceased person i have know have not come back to me to tell
Of an afterlife World or of a heaven or a hell

I sort of envy those who have their god in the sky
In a paradise that their souls to post bodily death with wings to will fly
At least they belive on a life after death
That it is not the end when they draw their last Earthly breath

Of what life is about i cannot claim to know
Though my wonderment of it only seems to grow
I only know humans are born to die
If i did tell you more this would be a lie.

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