Sunday, June 17, 2018

Everyone Have Their Stories

Everyone have their stories of life for to tell
And i have my own little stories as well
Of my journey in life that has brought me far south
Of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout

The few who have their life stories published by publishers to say the least rare
Such a privilege only afforded to the famous multi millionaire
Big commercial publishers never publish the life stories of those not widely known
It is not on poor investments the source of millions is sown

We all have our life stories and we all grow old
Though some their life stories by them never told
Some believe everyone are born equal but it is not this way
Equality is only where dead people lay

Everyone has a life story and i do as well
But only the wealthy and famous have their biographies published to sell
Money speaks every language as the wise one does say
This is how it always has been and how it always will stay.

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