Tuesday, June 5, 2018

We Learn As We Live

I have heard the curlews sing o'er a far away bog
And i have seen a grown man weep as he buried his dog
His constant companion for some thirteen years
A big macho fellow by death reduced to tears
A muscular fellow who takes pride on being brave
Wept whilst shovelling the earth on his deceased canine's grave
I have heard a supposed to be brave fellow scream out in fear
On seeing a spider on the wall to him near
We all have our phobias in truth one can say
And the bravest of people are not fearless on every way
I have saeen a female wedge tailed eagle from the sky swoop on and kill
A fully grown fox in a paddock at Tower Hill
Such things that we happen to see every day
That we learn as we live it does seem this way.

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