Thursday, June 7, 2018

By The Araglen River

Hidden in the rushes the male pheasant crow
Where the Araglen River to the Blackwater flow
In view of the Boggeraghs from here far away
In Duhallow resplendent in her green cloak of May

In the shallows of the river pool the spotted brown trout
Basking in the sunshine slowly swimming about
The warmth of the sun on their skin to them a pleasurable thing
All creatures of Nature does enjoy the Spring

The old fields lush and green are looking resplendent in their wildflowers
That were brought to bloom by the recent showers
And the hawthorns are cloaked in their blossoms of white
Of such natural beauty Nature writers does write

By the Araglen River in the greenest time of year
The songs of the nesting birds pleasant to hear
And the dark barn swallows chirping as they fly
In pursuit of flying insects across the sunny sky

The tadpoles are wriggling in the pools of every drain
In the old fields lush and green after recent rain
Where the Araglen to the Blackwater babbles it's way
In view of the Boggeraghs in Duhallow in May.

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