Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Norfolk Pine Trees Of Warrnambool

The norfolk pine trees of warrnambool are so very old
In the coastal freshening winds waving a sight to behold
They have inspired artists and the writers of song, story and rhyme
For to sketch and write of them over decades of time

Most of the people who helped to plant them are not living today
In the Warrnambool cemetery in their long rest they do lay
Their work a feature of Warrnambool one in truth can only say
Many Seasons have gone by since they drew their last pay

Beside them most other trees to say the least seem small
Above the coastal City they do stand so tall
Warrnambool would look quite ordinary without it's norfolk pine trees
How beautiful to see their higher branches waving in the freshening coastal breeze

In Spring on their high branches the  ravens do nest
It's trees help to make Warrnambool the pride of Victoria's south west
The people who helped to plant them from life's cares have found release
In the Cemetery by the Hopkins River today they are at peace.

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