Tuesday, June 12, 2018

On News Of Patrick Cotter

For his wife Mary and his family and his many friends his passing a sad day
Patrick Cotter lived as a good person in every way
One well liked by many he was widely known
And Millstreet in him has lost one of it's own

One of the finest dancers in the Star Ballroom when he was a young man
This is going back the Seasons of years quite a span
A handsome dark haired fellow when in his life's prime
Long before he became a victim of time

In life one who made a new friend every day
Anyone of him never had unkind things to say
Perhaps in his late seventies when he breathed his last
On looking back the Seasons time does tick on fast

His passing from Liscahane where he and Mary had lived for years
And where they raised their daughters would not have gone without tears
From Liscahane and Millstreet in the flesh he may have gone
But in all who knew him good memories of him will live on

Though in St Mary's in view of Cashman's Hill his last remains lay
In the minds of the living the dead they are living today
And in the memories of those who knew him Patrick as living remain
And he dances with Mary in the Star Ballroom again.

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