Wednesday, June 6, 2018

On Yellow Billed Spoonbills

Big white birds with yellow spoon like bills near farm dams they like to stay
Yellow billed spoonbills are birds i do not see every day
For to live in flocks they have never been known
Quite solitary birds they like being on their own
They walk in the shallows their long bills in the water swishing from side to side
Their feeding behavious has sameness in spoonbills Worldwide
On a flat nest of sticks high on a tree
The female lays her white eggs of two sometimes three
From their cousins the royal spoonbills not hard to recognize
The royal has dark feet and dark bill and is slightly smaller in size
The yellow billed with yellow feet in town park lakes i have not as of yet seen
Though i have seen them living solitary on farm dams when in the countryside i have been
You may see them on farm dams mostly on their own
Than their cousins the royals they are not as well known.

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