Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Illowa In April

Where to many mine it is not a known face
I feel privileged to be living in such a beautiful place
Illowa between Warrnambool City and old Koroit Town
Of south western Victoria a gem in the crown

Not a holiday destination therefore not that well known
But Illowa has a natural charm of it's own
In it's wide undulating paddocks in Summer and Autumn brown and in Winter and Spring green
So much natural beauty for to be seen

Where there are no factories with tall dirty chimneys puffing gray smoke to the sky
Above the brown paddocks of Illowa the dark welcome swallows fly
A part of the coastal Moyne Shire that is not widely known
Illowa in view of Dennington does have a charm of it's own

For late Autumn in the Moyne Shire quite a beautiful day
The sun shining bright in a sky blue and gray
On such marvellous weather for the time of year
The flute like song of the magpie such a joy for to hear.

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