Tuesday, May 8, 2018

You May Say

You may say i am off of the mark and in my thinking i am wrong
When i say that all of the material wealth we possess to someone else belong
Eventually all of the wealth we possess came from the earth that we live on
The earth that we will return to when the life from us has gone
The parents pass their lives material gains on to their daughter and son
The things that in life that respect and admiration is won
But material wealth is something in some ways from others we gain
It is an energy we cannot create though this seems hard to explain
That money in life is most important happens for to be true
And the dream in life of having lots of it many do pursue
But even money has it's source on the earth on which we live
It is an energy of power that we receive for to give
To others for services rendered for to be shared around
That has it's source on a tree that grows on nature's ground.

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