Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Koroit's Irish Festival Day

The sun shining bright in the sky blue and gray
On old Koroit Town on Irish Festival Day
The singers and musicians do sing and do play
The music and songs of Ireland from Koroit far away

In Koroit Town so much of the non sporting culture of Ireland is made
On Irish Festival day on Commercial Road a huge street parade
With the banners and flags of the Counties of Ireland on display
Old allegiances does live on as the wise one does say

The last Saturday in April is always a big day in Koroit Town
That for it's strong links to Ireland can claim some renown
Many of the sons and daughters of Ireland going back a century or more
Arrived to settle in the place now known as Koroit from Hibernia's shore

Many of the descendants of Ireland of their heritage feel proud
And on the last Saturday in April in Koroit Town help to swell the numbers of the crowd
In the famed Moyne shire Town they come to celebrate
Their links to their ancestral hisory on their calendar a date.

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