Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Warrnambool In May

The day it is sunny and breezy though cool
In the often windy City of Warrnambool
On changeable weather in the southern May
With the calendar Winter just a few weeks away

In the sunny coastal City a weather temperature high of seventeen degrees
With a refreshening coolness in the strengthening breeze
In the south west City blowing from Stingray Bay
On what is for Warrnambool a typical late Autumn day

Warnambool a nice City to visit at anytime of year
Even in Winter though sometimes windy the sky often sunny and clear
A temperate climate of sufficent rain
Why most Warrnambool people love their City goes without need to explain

Warrnambool a nice City to vist for a holiday
Where some holidaymakers have been known for to extend their stay
Today though breezy the sun is shining in a sky blue and gray
In Warrnambool typical weather for May.

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