Friday, May 4, 2018

Not Any Truth On This Saying At All

Women can be the downfall of men those words i recall
Though in truth there is not any truth on this saying at all
Like women men for their own downfall must take take the blame
And are fully responsible for their own shame
It is not true that that the man by his new lover from his wife was lured away
Since it was not with his wife he chose for to stay
In some circumstances we all have our choices in life for to make
And feelings can be hurted with love and loyalty at stake
That some women can be to blame for leading some men astray
In truth is not truthful on any sort of a way
People fall in and fall out of love every day
That a woman can be the downfall of a man is not a fair thing to say
That women can be the downfall of men seems all wrong to me
It is just an old saying that with i cannot agree.

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