Saturday, May 19, 2018

Noel C And Green Glens

The Green Glens Entertainment Arena in Millstreet Town to Noel C Duggan and his family belong
It was named by Noel C years ago in honour of his favourite song
Known as The Green Glens Of Antrim that remains famous today
Old songs live on through decades of time though people grow old and gray

Green Glens was built as a horse jumping arena and is now known Worldwide
Far beyond the Town in view of Clara Hill of Duhallow's green countryside
Big show jumping events held there every year as well as other forms of entertainment as well
Of the famous entertainment complex so many stories one could tell

A renowned entertainment arena in County Cork that has inspired song. story and rhyme
The Eurovision Song Contest and a World Championship fight held there going back the years of time
Green Glens was a Noelc C Duggan dream that for him did come true
He has done much for Millstreet Town for to give the man his due

Millstreet Town in County Cork between Killarney and Macroom
Famed horsemen have jumped their horses there such as Harvey Smith and David Broome
And other stars of the show jumping  World far too numerous for to name
For to win the Millstreet Showjumping Derby a claim to showjumping fame

Green Glens a famed entertainment arena in Duhallow's Millstreet Town
Has claimed for Noel C Duggan and his family their own spot in renown
An octogenarian and Duhallow's greatest dreamer he will dream until the day he die
And that a dreamer lives forever is surely not a lie.

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