Thursday, May 31, 2018

We Are More Like Them

Some animals and birds are bound by territory
This is how they are and how they will always be
Like us they have their borders to defend
In their ways like many of us why otherwise pretend
Many of us humans our superiority to all other life forms do not try to disguise
But we are more like them than most of us would wish to realize
That most human beings like most animals and birds are territorial does seem right
Like them for our borders we are prepared to fight
We may feel superior to all other life forms but with them much in common we does share
Other life forms killing each other beacause of borders like we do is not rare
The big difference is that other life forms in killing feel no wrong
The guilt conciousness to humans only does belong
But we are not different to them in every way
Since people die defending their borders every day.

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