Saturday, May 26, 2018

She Is On The Man Market

To humility she is one who gives the lie
She uses anti ageing creams as well as brown hair dye
To make herself look younger she hides her wrinkles and covers her gray
That she is on the man market it does seem this way

Her husband last year to cancer lost his life
For three decades they had lived as man and wife
As a result of their marriage a son and a daughter and seven grandchildren in the World today
She may be in her sixties but young she wishes to stay

Her late husband a quiet man never one to socialize
And she very different up the social ladder has always yearned to rise
Their love for each other long before his death had died
She did not shed any tears at his graveside

At social occasions and community gatherings she is one often seen
On the look out for a new husband she is on the dating scene
Hopefully for a man with a huge property and heaps of money on the wealthy side of town
Not for her a bloke who is fainacially down

At her husband's passing she did not shed any tears
She is on the man market and looking well for her years
A wealthy unattached uptown man would suit her quite fine
In upper class restaurants she would love to wine and dine.

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