Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spotted Necked Doves

Spotted necked doves who were introduced from Asia to Australia
In some south eastern towns and parks and in the outskirts one does see
On flimsy flat stick nest the female lays her pale eggs
On high bush or a lower branch of a tree

With pink feet a gray and brown bird with white dark spotted neck band
Of human kind most of them rather shy
If human comes near to them they take to flight
And into bush or tree are quick to fly

Their familiar coos from once heard are unmistakeable
From once seen and heard birds you will know again
Why some birds by their voices or appearance are easily recognizable
Is something way beyond me to explain

Spotted necked doves are birds i do see often
And once seen and heard are easy for to recognize
Often seen in towns and in the countryside nearby
They have a rather loud coo for their size.

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