Friday, May 25, 2018

Those You Wish To Forget

Though them you wish you never had met
Them it does seem you will never forget
For as long as in the World you do live
Though them over time you have come to forgive

And just like the good person you really are
For them you do not take your dislike too far
Since dislike can lead to hatred and hatred can lead to serious crime
That culminates for the offender in years of prison time

Not everyone you have known to you have been kind
Some to take advantage of you were all too inclined
Few live a lifetime without making some foes
For many this is how l;ife works one has to suppose

Since you never does take your dislike of anyone too far
Feel proud of the person that you really are
In life we remember with fondness kind people we have met
And then there are those  you wish you could forget.

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