Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wealthy One

Wealthy one you have heaps of money for to satiate your greed
Yet you are not one who sows karma's good seed
For you are quite selfish so much so indeed
You never would think of helping one of your helping in need
A big company c e o with two bigs cars, beautiful children and a beautiful wife
One can say of you that you have made it in life
With an annual salary of millions for making huge profits for your company by making many unemployed
Out of the misery of others you wear the look of pride
For those doing it tough in life one thought you do not spare
Since by making big companies wealthier you have become a multi millionaire
By you causing unemployment your company financially does grow and grow
And extra billions in annual profits they do have to show
Yet you are one who has failed for to sow Karma's good seed
You never help anyone of your helping in need.

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