Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Their Laugh Of The Day

Perhaps in her eighties her hair silver gray
The hat off of her head by the wind blown away
Into the saltwater and washed out to sea
Two male teenagers nearby fun in this did see

It was an embarrassment for one who was proud
To be laughed at by young cads since their laughter was loud
She did seem upset very much so indeed
And walked to her car and quickly drove off at speed

The young bucks greatly enjoyed their laugh of the day
At an aged woman's expense which seems sad to say
But those whose laughter does come at another's expense
Does lack in compassion and in common sense

Of the feelings of others their sort not aware
That she did look embarrassed they did not even care
They laughed loud as the hat off of her head was blown into the bay
And by the retreating waves to sea carried away.

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