Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Scene Such As This

The very thought mind appeasing is how it seems to be
Of our calmer moments of peace with harmony
Imagine sitting at a table on the balcony of a cafe overlooking the sea
Alone with your thoughts enjoying coffee or cake and tea
In the quiet of the evening in a coastal town
To the mewing of the gulls as the sun is going down
And the white waves of saltwater gently lapping on the sandy shore
In a memory to live with until death that will repeat itself forvere more
A break for your mind from your life's worries and stress
Such moments of self contentment brings us nearer to happiness
Overlooking the ocean as the sun is going down
From the balcony of a cafe in a coastal town
A scene such as this is not hard to visualize
And even such thoughts to self contentment gives rise

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