Tuesday, April 24, 2018

On The Passing Of Johnny Hickey

Such sad news out of Millstreet for to read of today
Johnny Hickey of Shannaknuck from life has passed away
In St Mary's by Cashman's Hill his last remains lay
He lived as an honest and good man of him one can say

The founder member of the Millstreet Vintage Club and a former member of the Millstreet Pipe Band
He played with them in festivals all over Ireland
Far beyond the boundaries of Duhallow Johnny Hickey was well liked and well known
And in Shannaknuck they grieve for the loss of one of their own

Pre-deceased by his son Kevin and Kathleen his wife
He did have his own crosses for to bear in life
But from his dark tunnel he saw the light of hope
And with his adversities he somehow managed to cope

In his exemplary behaviour a role model to Millstreet's young
The praises of Johnny Hickey deserve to be sung
But sadly life's farewell bell for him did ring
He drew his last breath in the prime of the Spring

When Duhallow in her wildflowers looks resplendent and green
And bluebells bloom on the ditches of every bohreen
But in all who knew Johnny Good memories of him will live on
It is just that his gift of life from him has gone

In view of Cashman's Hill in St Mary's he now is at peace
One can only hope that his parting from life for him was not a painful release
That he lived his life as a good person of him cannot be denied
And so sad to learn of the news that he has died.

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