Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Misogynist

He blames womankind for all of the wrong in his life
Since the mother of his two young daughters is now another man's wife
By court decreed legal appointments his children he only can see
His wife on his opinions of her does not agree

On leaving him she does feel quite justified
Her self confidence by him was all but destroyed
The beatings she received from him she will remember for as long as she will live
Him for his physical abuse of her she finds hard to forgive

He often did slap his young daughters as well
When drunk he made life for his family hell
Yet he does not seem to realize how he treated them so bad
She is now happier with her new husband and their daughters happier with their stepdad

For ill treating his ex wife and his children he does not seem to feel any shame
And for the downfall of men all women he does blame
That he has been the instigator of his own unhappiness he does not seem to realize
Men who justify their mistakes never grow wise

His ex wife he often beat with him did not stay
And without him she and her daughters feel happier today
An angry misogynist with a wounded sense of pride
The lives of his ex wife and his two daughters he all but destroyed.

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