Tuesday, April 24, 2018

No Such A Thing As An Untalented Person

No such a thing as an untalented person despite what some might say
Everybody is talented in some sort of a way
But most people for their talents do not know of wealth and fame
What used to be in this today remains the same.

Some grow wealthy out of their talents and are greatly admired
And of singing their praises their fans never grow tired
Whilst some very talented people wealthier have not grown
And live as almost unnoticed and to many are not known

Why this should be one must wonder why?
That luck can play some part in success seems hard to deny
But in life one does need luck even to survive
To live to a good age healthy and happy to be alive

No such a thing as an untalented person but it remains as an ever true
That everyone for their talents does not receive the credit they are due
And as a truism this does remain
But a reason for this is beyond me to explain.

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