Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Of Miracles At Tubrid

Though of any miracles in my life i do not have of to tell
I often drank of the clear spring water of holy Tubrid Well
But never to do the rounds there for to pray
To Mary Christ's mother in the month of May
Though of miracles at Tubrid stories i did hear
It was the spring water of the well so clean and so clear
That lured me to Tubrid for the pure H20
For the non religious like me a healthy thing to do
Though the taste of it's clean clear water in my memory remain
I may never visit the Claraghatlea Well again
In that spot of piligrimage in view of Clara Hill
And only in memory time for me stands still
In my younger years i heard many stories of miracles at Tubrid in May
Though of this i have not witnessed evidence in truth i can say.

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