Thursday, April 26, 2018

Money Is The Main Source Of Inequality

The emphasis is strongly on money in the Human World of today
The paper currency that makes people unequal despite what some might say
Those who tell you money is not important to your social status on a falsehood believe
Themselves in their thinking they only deceive
They used to be the main causes of inequality among people skin pigmentation and race
But in the twenty first century as the principal source of inequality money them does replace
It is a sad World to live in when your material wealth defines the person you are
She or he is looked on as a loser who owns a second hand car
We do live in a World where greed is seen as okay
Where the gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening by the day
They are in need of every friend the poor of the town
In a time when few wish to know of the financially down
Money is the main source of inequality in the Human World of today
And into the future this is how it will stay.

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