Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Red Deer At Halls Gap

In the parks and paddocks in and around Halls Gap them one often does see
The red deer of Europe there live wild and free
Though not as plentiful there as gray kangaroos red deer are not rare in any way
In the Geriwerd Ranges they are are animals one does see every day
In Halls Gap in their rutting Season the bellowing of the stags one often does hear
And when they sense danger to them it is near
They run to the cover of the woods nearby
Of human kind the red deer of Halls Gap are shy
Stories of red deer and deer hunting i loved reading as a boy
And reading Walter Scott's  A Stag Hunt a poem i enjoy
Whenever i am in Halls Gap red deer in the parks there i see
And anytime i tried to get near to them to the woods they did flee
That they have been shot at seems obviously clear
And the sight of a human instil in them fear.

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