Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Holland Honeyeaters

Familiar birds where i live since i see them every day
New holland honeyeaters in feathers of black, gold and gray
Nectar eating small birds and of them one can say
That they are quite aggressive and from their territory try to chase other small honeyeaters away
Their nest an untidy cup of grass in prickly bush or small tree
And at breeding time with aggression they defend their territory
Their nesting sites and borders with aggression they defend
In their breeding Season they trust none as a friend
Birds often seen in country gardens and gardens of the town
Their bean sized eggs are pretty, pinkish with spots of brown
Quite pretty for to look at and  quite feisty for their size
That they are only small birds they do not seem to realize
Their distinctive cahttering calls in your memory will remain
They are birds once seen and once heard you will remember again.

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