Friday, April 27, 2018

On Gray Shrike Thrushes

They live on the borders of woods and where trees does abound
And their song to it does make for a beautiful sound
With unders of light gray and wings and back of light brown
Their beautiful whistling their claim to bird renown
Gray shrike thrushes for them is their often used name
Compared to many other species of wild birds they seem rather tame
Since they do not panic when you are in their sight
And they allow you to get close to them before taking to flight
In large cup shaped nest  on standing tree stump the female shrike thrus lay
Two to four white eggs with dots of brownish gray
They eat insects and earth worms and on small skinks often prey
These birds i see often though not every day
Well known for their beautiful whistling flute like song
Once seen and once heard you never again get them wrong.

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